Zeusmos iOS 7 Can Be Installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod Now!

If you love jailbreaking then I am sure you would love Zeusmos cydia tweak on your iPhone or iPad which is already jailbroken. The reason why most of the people jailbreak their iDevices is that they want to have the ability to do whatever with their iPhone they need like changing color scheme or changing carrier logo like stuff.


Zeusmos is yet another cydia repo which is similar to VShare and AppCake means it also allow iDevice owners who have jailbroken their devices to try out paid App Store apps before they purchase them. So you can say that Zeusmos will be very helpful for those people who want to buy app from App store for their iDevice but before buying they want to test drive it. iOS 7 untethered jailbreak was released few weeks ago and since most of the users have already jailbreaked their iPhones, iPads and iPods so its time to install Zeusmos iOS 7 on it.


Zeusmos iOS 7

Please keep in mind that we hate piracy and we are strictly against it. This post is just for informational purpose. If you like any app then we request you to please support that developer and purchase that app from App Store rather than downloading it from 3rd party sources.

How to Install Zeusmos iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Zeusmos is a cydia tweak which means that it requires you to have already jailbreaked iPhone, iPad or iPod on which you want to install Zeusmos iOS 7. If you have already did that, then no worries. You can safely follow few simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch the Cydia on your jailbroken iDevice.
  2. Make sure you already have AppSync iOS 7 installed on your iDevice.
  3. In Cydia, go to Manage –> Sources. Tap on Edit there followed by Add button.
  4. Now type repo.hackyouriphone.org there and tap on Add Source in popup window.
  5. Search for Zeusmos and then tap on install to start the installation process.

Successfully installed Zeusmos on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 7? If you have faced any problem, then I would love to help if you explain your problem with me.


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