WhatsApp Alternatives for iPhone: Kik Messenger, LINE and WeChat

At the moment WhatsApp is no doubt the best messaging app available for both Android and iOS devices. Not only these platforms but WhatsApp is available for almost every mobile operating system which makes it an ideal messaging app.


Though WhatsApp is still the most powerful messaging app, but after the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp, many users have started looking for WhatsApp alternatives specially the iPhone users. If you too are one of them, then this post is going to help you a lot as here we are going to throw some light on few popular WhatsApp alternatives for iPhone.


If you have stopped using WhatsApp after its Facebook acquisition, then go through the apps below and install any one of them.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a great WhatsApp alternative. Unlike Whatsapp where your mobile number is your username, Kik messenger gives you a unique username which you can use as your kik messenger username to communicate with your other Kik messenger friends.

Kik WhatsApp Alternative

Kit messenger is available for download for both iPhone and iPad in App Store for free.


LINE is yet another cool WhatsApp alternative for iPhone and iPad which allow users to send messages to their friends and family members using internet connection. One cool feature of LINE which even WhatsApp don’t have is its ability to allow users call their friends from within the app for free.

LINE iPhone

LINE is also available in App Store for both iPhone and iPad for free.

WeChat for iPhone, iPad

WeChat is a great alternative to all those users who are tired of using Whatsapp on their iPhones and iPads. WeChat allow users to include group chats, share photos and videos with friends and much more.

WeChat iPhone

WeChat is available in App store for Free.


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