Try BarMagnet Torrent Remote Jailbreak App for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Jailbroken your iDevice on iOS 7? If yes, then you should try BarMagnet which is a new Jailbreak app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to control the torrent client remotely on the go. The major plus point of BarMagnet torrent app is that it almost offers support for all major desktop torrent clients like bit torrent, uTorrent etc and allow users to perform the basic as well as advanced functions when they are away from their desktop PCs.


Using BarMagnet jailbreak app, users will be able to add new torrents to their torrent clients installed on their Windows desktop computers and Macs using the built-in web browser. This support for built-in web browser make this jailbreak app even more useful. Once installed, you will be able to pause the torrents, resume the torrents, show the current download speed and also display the estimated time for the download.


BarMagnet cydia

BarMagnet supports:

  • Bittorent
  • Deluge
  • ru Torrent
  • u Torrent
  • QBitttorrent
  • Synology Download Station
  • Vuze
  • Transmission

BarMagnet app is must for those iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who frequently use the torrent on their computers to download the torrents. It is designed for iPhone 5 and iOS 7 and also supports ARM64 iDevices like iPhone 5S and iPad Air. So if you are one of those who frequently download the torrents on their PCs, then I recommend you to download the BarMagnet Cydia app.

BarMagnet Torrent remove cydia app is available in Cydia under BigBoss repo for free.


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