Top Ten 10 Cydia Sources of 2013

Cydia repos or sources are of extreme importance to all iOS device owners who prefer to jailbreak their devices. Since the year is going to end, so we thought of compiling a list of top ten 10 Cydia sources of 2013 to make task of finding best jailbreak tweaks, apps, themes and all other content available on Cydia.


Top Cydia Sources 2013


For finding best jailbreak tweaks, games or themes you need to have top cydia repos or sources added to Cydia app on your jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Behold and go through our list of top ten 10 cydia sources.

List of Top Ten 10 Cydia Sources



ModMyi is truly meant for users who want to modify their jailbroken iOS devices since this repos is packed with packages which includes tweaks, soundboards, ringtones and wallpapers.



Looking for cracked tweaks? iHackStore is for you since it contains a huge number of tweaks, wallpapers, themes, ringtones, mods and much more and majority of them are cracked.


iF0rce repo only contains iOS tweaks. The popular jailbreak tweak AirBlue sharing is from this repo which lets you transfer files between Nokia, Samsung and other iOS devices.



BiteYourApple is famous Italian cydia source. The popular cydia tweaks from this source includes iFile, Springtomize 2, Celeste and few others.



HackYouriPhone is yet another Cydia repo with majority of tweaks related to apps, jailbreak tweaks, ringtones and themes. The apps on this cydia are updated with new jailbreaks and apps.



Here is another repo which jailbreak users can’t afford to miss. Here you will find number of winterboard and dreamboard themes, ringtones, utilities and SB Settings themes.




For games, XSellize is must is cydia repo. In this repo, you will find number of games, rom packs for game systems like Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64 etc.



Hackulous is for sure the most famous repository available. The main reason for its popularity is that it hosts installous which is app to download unauthorized apps for free.



Insanelyi source

Insanelyi hosts more that 6500 packages and number of new packages are added to it on daily basis.


SiNful iPhone Repo


SiNful is another famous Cydia repo in the jailbreak community. If you are looking for cracked apps or games, then you should add this repo to your cydia app because it contains a great amount of apps, tweaks, themes, mods and ringtones.


So this was our list of top ten 10 cydia sources of 2013. We hope you enjoyed it a lot. If we have missed any good Cydia Repo or source which deserves to be in this list, then do let us know in comments, we would be happy to update our list.


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