Top 15 Cydia Sources of 2014

Jailbroken your iDevice and now looking for best cydia sources? Here we have compiled a list of 15 best cydia sources of 2014 that you surely need to add to your jailbroken iDevice to get most out of it.


For those who don’t know, Cydia is a sort of app store that is added to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch once they are jailbroken. In cydia you can find tons of jailbreak tweaks related to customization, mods, themes and other very cool stuff which Apple don’t allow in App Store. We are very lucky to have untethered jailbreak solution available for iOS 7-7.0.x which means that users with iPhone, iPad or iPod running on iOS 7 can have cydia on their iDevices. For all those users, we have compiled list of Top 15 Cydia Sources of 2014.


Cydia Sources of 2014

Huge List of Top 15 Cydia Sources of 2014


iHackStore is very cool cydia source which contain majority of cydia tweaks related to wallpapers, ringtones, mods, themes and other customization stuff.

Ryan Petrich Repo

Another very well know cydia repo for all iPhone lovers who love customization and playing with Apple mobile OS.


Pushfix cydia repo can be added using URL.

Hashbang Productions

A very popular cydia source with almost all kind of jailbreak tweaks available inside it. It can be added using URL.


iForce cydia source is very well known among almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who have jailbroken their iDevices. iForce can be added to cydia using URL.


BigBoss cydia source don’t need any introduction. It can be regarded as the busiest cydia tweak with tons of jailbreak tweaks related to customization, productivity and other stuff. BigBoss repo URL is

SiNful iPhone

SiNful iPhone is great cydia source and repo with more than thousands of active users. This repo has a lot of games and apps available that will surely add more to the beauty of your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.


This cydia source has lot of cracked apps inside it but majority of jailbreak tweak in this repo are related to customization and mods. It can be accessed by URL.


It can be added to cydia by URL.


Its cydia URL is


Another great cydia source that can be added to cydia by using URL.


It’s URL is


It is truly meant for those who are game lovers because xSellize repo is packed with variety of cool games. Its URL is


iSpazio repo can be added by URL


This is my favorite cydia source because it is packed with variety of cydia jailbreak tweaks related to customization of jailbroken device like wallpapers, themes etc. Its URL is

These were few of the best cydia sources/repos that you can use in 2014 on your jailbroken iDevices.


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