Tips To Improve iOS 7 Battery Performance

Apple announced iOS 7 in WWDC 2013 few months ago and according to them it is the World most advanced mobile Operating System. Since then Apple has been rolling out betas of iOS 7 for developers. Till now, 7 betas of iOS 7 have been released and the issue which is common in all of them is the battery drainage issue. Here we are going to share tips or possible solutions with you to help you improve iOS 7 battery performance.


How To Improve iOS 7 Battery Performance



Reduce Push Notifications in Notification Center

Push notification can consume a lot of iPhone battery power if you have enabled these for too many apps. We recommend to enable push notification for most important apps only. You can select the apps by opening Settings app and then going to “Notification Center”. From there you can select/deselect any app.

Reduce the Screen Brightness

The Auto-Brightness option in iOS 7 is very helpful in improving iPhone battery life. Go to “Settings” app and then “Brightness & Wallpaper” and enable “Auto-Brightness” from there. Also try to avoid the Dynamic images as wallpapers as such images consumes lot of battery. If you don’t want to use Auto-Brightness then turn it OFF and and reduce the brightness to 10-15 percent.

Disable Non-Commonly Used Apps

iPhone has a lot of features and there many about which most of us (iPhone users) don’t even know. Most of such features are enabled by default thus they consume battery. You can disable all such features which you don’t use by opening Settings app and then going to General. From there you can disable any feature which you don’t use. For example many of iPhone users don’t use Siri but this feature is enabled by default so better to disable it to save power.

Tweak iTunes & App Store Settings

Launch iTunes & App Store app and then disable “Automatic Downloads” and “iTunes Match” feature if you don’t use these frequently.

Turn OFF Cellular Data

Cellular Data consumes lot of battery. Incase when you’re on journey etc and don’t need internet access then better to Turn OFF cellular data on your iPhone to improve iOS 7 battery performance.

These were few tips that can help you to improve iOS 7 battery performance. If you too know any tip and I have missed it, then do let me know in comments. 


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