SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone Coming Soon!

One of the most popular Android SwiftKey keyboard is now coming to iPhone very soon as the developer behind that had already confirmed it. So if everything goes according to the plan, we will see a SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone in next few days. For those who don’t know, SwiftKey is award winning keyboard for smartphones which learns your and then it offers the best auto correction predictions. That’s truly amazing, isn’t it? So when actually SwiftKey is coming to iPhone? Details after the jump.


This famous app is packed with great prediction engine which learns from what you write and then predicts you word based on that and lets you write the phrase without even lifting your fingers from touch keyboard. SwiftKey has been top selling paid app in Google Play store for two consecutive years. Now the company behind this famous app has decided to land SwiftKey for iPhone in App store.


SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone

According to multiple sources, SwiftKey will come to iPhone in the form of note-taking app and it will be titles as SwiftKey Note. A screenshot of SwiftKey iPhone app has leaked which shows a minimal iOS 7 like note taking app with a virtual keyboard which is very much similar to iOS default keyboard. Still the company had not said anything about the exact date of their launch in App store but they have definitely shown that they are interested in working outside Android development.

The reason behind the note taking app for iPhone is that Apple doesn’t allow developers to access the core software features like keyboard. For such things one has to developer a jailbreak tweak but that’s not very much secure as no one knows the future of iOS 7 jailbreak.

What are your thoughts on SwiftKey keyboard for iPhone? Do you want to see this app in App Store?


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