Surface Like Keyboard Cover For iPad 5 Coming Tomorrow

As most of you would know that Tim Cook & Co are going to introduce a wide range of new products like iPad Mini 2, MacBook Pro at the Apple Media Event which is to be held tomorrow. It is almost confirmed that Apple will introduce iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 in this event but according to the latest rumor, there is something special too coming, the Surface Like Keyboard Cover for iPad 5. Yep, you read right, if the rumors are believed to be true, we would be able to see Microsoft Surface tablet like Keyboard covers for iPad 5.


Apple iPad is still holding the title of most popular tablet in existence but from the past few months we are noticing a new shift in consumer trends after the intro of infamous Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini tablets. So keeping the consumer in mind, Apple wants to add something new to iPad 5 to keep the device favorite for long time and guess what this special thing is: The Surface like Keyboard Cover for iPad 5.


surface keyboard cover

So far nothing can be said about the authenticity of the report but what we know is that the report is coming straight from ex-Apple employee Jamie Ryan who claims to have the knowledge about the products on which Apple is working now and is going to release in their upcoming event. According to him, the Surface Like Keyboard Cover for iPad is very favorite on the company product list. Presently the fruit company is providing magnetic Smart Cover for iPad and iPad Mini for the protection of device.

According to Jamie Ryan the Surface like Keyboard Cover for iPad will come with Bluetooth 4.0. Whatever the rumors say, we will have a look of everything in real tomorrow. What are opinion about Surface like Keyboard covers for iPad?


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