How To Shutdown Windows 8 With One-Click

Microsoft made a lot of changes in Windows 8 like removed start button, introduced start screen, ribbon explorer, modern UI and much more. Those Windows 7 users who have recently upgraded their systems to Windows 8 might find it very difficult to use. In order to shut down Windows 7, one has to click on Shut down button in Start menu however this process is not that much straight forward in Windows 8. Our step-by-step guide on how to Shutdown Windows 8 With One-Click will help you get rid of this problem.




Guide to Shutdown Windows 8 With One-Click

We will create a shortcut to shutdown on desktop making it very easier to shutdown your Windows. To create shutdown shortcut, follow the steps we have discussed below.

Go to Windows 8 Desktop and right click on any empty space. Select New –> Shortcut. In the location of item, type “shutdown /s /t 0” and hit Next.

Enter the name of shortcut (its upto you) and then hit Finish button. Now you will see a shortcut on your desktop. Next we will be assigning icon to this shortcut.

For that right click on that shortcut and select Properties. Under Shortcut tab click on change icon. Ignore the warning by pressing OK button. Now select the shutdown icon and press OK button twice.

This is the shutdown shortcut on your desktop. Now whenever you want to shutdown your Windows 8, just double click on that icon. We recommend to create its tile on Windows 8 start screen. For that right click on shutdown icon on desktop and select “Pin to Start”. Now you will see Shutdown tile on your Windows 8 start screen which allow you to Shutdown Windows 8 with One-Click. You can follow the same procedure to create Restart shortcut, just use this command “shutdown /r /t 0”  instead of “shutdown /s /t 0”  in step 2.

That was the guide to create a shutdown shortcut which can allow you to shutdown Windows 8 with just one-click.


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