Root Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S and Install CWM Recovery

Xperia series by Sony has proved to be very successful as these devices were both welcomed by consumers as well as developers. Few months ago Sony added Xperia Z and ZL which are waterproof mobiles to its famous Xperia series. All those Xperia users who want to root their devices, here I am with an easy to understand guide on how to Root Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S and Install CWM Recovery on that smartphone.


Please keep in mind that rooting your Xperia P,Z,ZL,S will void its warranty mean you will no longer be able to claim its warranty. So do it at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible if you end up bricking your phone.


  • First of all you need to have your mobile phone charged. It should have atleast 80% charge remaining.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone from Settings –> Manage Applications –> Development –> USB Debugging.
  • The most important one: Back up all your important data like contacts, SMS, emails etc.
  • Download the latest USB Drivers for your Android Device from manufacturer official website.

How to Root Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S and Install CWM Recovery

So if it is your final decision to Root Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S and Install CWM Recovery on it, then follow the steps below. First we will follow the procedure to root your Xperia and then we will install CWM Recovery on it.

Root Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S

First of all download the rooting package for your Xperia device. Once download is completed, place it on your desktop. Now you need to unzip that package. Simply unzip it using your favorite tool for that purpose.

Once unzipping is done, you will see few files. Double click on “runme.bat” file. Now connect your Xperia P,Z,ZL,S to your computer using the USB cable. (Make sure your Xperia drivers are installed on your PC and your Xperia has official firmware installed on it).

Now follow the onscreen instructions to get your phone rooted. After following few simple steps, you will see message unplug your phone and reboot it. As soon as you get this message, unplug your phone from your PC and restart it. That’s it. Now you have rooted your Xperia P,Z,ZL,S.

Install CWM Recovery on Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S

In order to flash CWM Recovery on Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S download RecoverX and place it on your Desktop and unzip it. Now connect your Xperia smartphone again to your PC and launch RecoverX exe file.

Choose your device from there and select “ClockworkMod Recovery” CWM recovery from custom recovery options listed there. Click on Next button to start the installation process. Once CWM Recovery in installed on Xperia P,Z,ZL,S, simply reboot it.

Voila! You have rooted your Xperia device and installed CWM Recovery on it. Now you are free to install custom ROMS and mods on your device.

If you haven’t found this guide related to Root Sony Xperia P,Z,ZL,S and Install CWM Recovery then let me know via contact form.


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