How to Remove Windows Defender in Windows 8

Want to Disable Windows Defender in Windows 8? Follow this tutorial on how to remove Windows Defender in Windows 8.


Windows Defender was first time introduced in Widows 7. Its a basic security protection software which can not handle the hostile environment for you computer. That means you can only use it at your home but not for your office or work computer where protection matters a lot. So that’s why most of the experts do not recommend its use.


How to Remove Windows Defender

In windows 8, Windows Defender also includes some features of Microsoft Security Essentials. It can detect the viruses (not all) easily but takes so much time to remove them. We are not saying that you must not use Windows Defender but leaving the choice to you. Its up to you now whether to risk your protection of work computer or not.

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Now if you are planning another antivirus software instead of Windows Defender, you can remove it easily. There are two methods to do this. Either you can disable it using Services or directly form the Windows Defender it self. We are only sharing one method with you.

How to Remove Windows Defender

Using this method you can easily disable Windows Defender. Don’t worry if you ever want to reuse it, you can enable it.

  1. Go to the Start Menu and type “Defender” in search bar.
  2. Once shown, launch Windows Defender.
  3. Now go to the “Settings” tab and click on the “Administrator” on the right.
  4. You will see option to turn on the Windows Defender, simply “uncheck” it to disable Windows Defender.

Windows Defender in Windows 8

Now you have successfully disabled the Windows Defender. If you ever want to enable it, you can do that by following the above steps.

That’s was all about guide on how to disable Windows defender in Windows 8. If the guide missed anything, please share it with us so we can improve it.

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