Remove Things from Status Bar in iPhone with Cloaky

Have you got long list of icons in iPhone status bar? No worries as Cloaky will allow you to clean or Remove Things from Status Bar in iPhone with few taps.


With release of iOS 7 untethered jailbreak solution in the form of evasion7, we have been seeing lot of Cydia tweaks getting support for iOS 7. Thanks to their respective developers and Team Evad3rs as well. Today we are going to review a great new Cydia tweak called Cloaky which allow users Remove Things from Status Bar in iPhone. Well, these things include alarm icon, sync icon, time etc etc. Anything which you don’t want to be part of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch status bar can be easily removed using Cloaky Cydia Tweak.


Remove Things from Status Bar in iPhone

How Remove Things from Status Bar in iPhone with Cloaky

By default status bar contains a lot of icons i.e icon for Bluetooth, signal strength, Do no disturb mode, time, VPN etc etc. Once you have got the Cloaky tweak, you would be able to disable icon for individual thing from the status bar in iPhone or iPad.

As Cloaky is Cydia tweak, so you are supposed to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad first to install this tweak. Once Cydia is successfully installed on your iDevice, search for Cloaky and install it.

Cloaky not only allow you to remove icons from Status Bar but you can also remove the unwanted items from iOS 7 Control Center too. Yes Cloaky can also be used to clean the Control Center from unwanted options and icons. Not only this, you can also clean up your popup menu with Cloaky like removing the Copy, Paste options etc etc.

Overall Cloaky is a great Cydia Tweak to remove the unwanted options from menus like Status Bar, Control Center and other things.


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