How to Recover WhatsApp Chat History?

WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app. Have you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp chat history? No worries as you can now easily recover deleted messages now.


Basically Whatsapp is instant messaging subscription service which is available for almost all mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Java. This famous messaging app was founder by ex-Yahoo employees in 2009 and recently it was acquired by Facebook for US $19 billion. You can read more about WhatsApp on Wikipedia.


Recover WhatsApp Chat History

In past we have covered a guide on save whatsapp profile pic of friends on Android. Today we will guide you how to recover whatsapp chat history on your Android and iOS devices. So are you ready?

How to Recover WhatsApp Chat History

While chatting with friends over WhatsApp, there is high probability that you hit the delete chat button. If you have experienced this, then its very sad. But no problem now, as we have discovered a way to recover the whatsapp chat history in very easy way.

The good news about Whatsapp is that its messages are stored on your phone and they are regularly backed up. So you can easily recover your messages from there. All the whatsapp messages are stored in whatsapp directory in sdcard under databases folder and you can restore messages from there by following few simple steps.

First of all launch settings app on your android phone. Go to applications and select Whatsapp from there. Tap on the app and select clear data option followed by tapping OK button. This action will delete all the messages stored by application.

Now open the whatsapp application on your android phone. You will see that configuration wizard will open. After few seconds it will show a message that backup found.

Tap on restore button so that restoration of your whatsapp messages is started. It will only take few seconds depending on your number of messages. Once it is done, close the whatsapp app and open it again.

Congratulations as you have successfully recovered the whatsapp chat history.


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