Rearrange Control Center Options and Add Widgets with CCLoader

Want to customize the look of iOS 7 control Center? That’s possible now with the help of CCLoader Cydia Tweak which allow users to Rearrange Control Center Options and also add widgets. Thanks to iOS 7 untether jailbreak solution from Team Evad3rs which they released in the last week of December 2013. iOS 7 jailbreaking opened the whole new windows for iDevices users as well as jailbreak tweaks developers.


Rearrange Control Center Options


How to Rearrange Control Center Options with CCLoader

In past we have shared few Cydia tweaks which allowed users to customize the iOS 7 control center. Be it accessing hidden spring board settings or adding new widgets to Control Center, everything is now possible with the help of Cydia tweaks related to Control Center.

Control Center is a new feature which was introduced by Apple in iOS 7. The purpose of Control Center was to give users quick access to settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, lock screen rotation etc etc. We have been seeing that lot of jailbreak tweak developers are now targeting Control Center. We have seen Cydia tweaks like ControlTask and FlipControlCenter which too were for Control Center. Today we found another cool tweak which will let you Rearrange Control Center Options in iOS 7 and also add new widgets to it.

CCLoader is yet another Cydia Tweak for iOS 7 Control Center with power to rearrange the options in control center. Also it does these settings without the need to respring your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So if you are excited to try out CCLoader, launch Cydia app on your jailbroken iDevice and search for this Cydia tweak. Once you find it, install the tweak.

The good news about CCLoader is that it is totally free so I recommend you give it a try as it is really great tweak.


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