How to Protect and Unprotect Excel Sheets with Password?

Many times we come across situations where we want to protect our excel sheets to protect unauthorized users from making any changes to our data or sometimes we want to give some data to users but we don’t want them to have ability to edit data in sheets. Thanks to Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2013 built-in features, now users can protect the excel sheets with password.


protect and unprotect excel sheets


Are you also looking for some tutorial on how to protect and unprotect excel sheets? No worries, we will cover a detailed step by step tutorial to show you achieve this in easy way. In order to protect excel sheets with password, go through few steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the excel sheet you want to protect.
  2. Launch the “Review” tab and then click on the “Protect Sheet” there.
  3. A new popup will appear. Check “Protect Worksheet and contents of locked cells” there and then set the password to protect the excel sheet. You will also see some other options like locked cells, select unlock cells, format cells columns or rows etc there too.
  4. Once done with everything, click on OK button. Now excel will protect your desired sheet with password you have just given.

That was few steps you needed to follow in order to protect sheets in excel. What do to in order to unprotect password protect excel sheets? That’s very simple too. To unprotect sheets, check the these steps:

  1. Open the password protected excel sheet.
  2. Go to review tab and then click on Unprotect sheet there.
  3. Enter the password of that sheet and if the password is correct, you would be able to view and edit that sheet.

If you faced any difficulty in faced our tutorial related to protect and unprotect excel sheets, then let me know in comments below so I can help you.


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