Office for iPhone and iPad Releasing Very Soon

Finally Office for iPhone and iPad is going to be released in few days, if the report by Reuters is believed to be true. We have been hearing about Microsoft Office for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad for very long time, but it looks like the wait is over now.


Who don’t know about Microsoft Office? It is the most widely used productivity tool preferred by both business and home users as well as students. The latest report suggests that the software giant is all set to release the Office for iPhone and iPad in upcoming weeks as all the preparations for the release has been done by the company.


Office for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft Office for iOS Releasing Soon

At the moment it looks like Microsoft is only waiting for OK call from their CEO, Mr. Nadella. But he should have no problem with Office for iOS as he has earlier said that he wants better relations with Apple. Earlier the Office marketing executive has said that iPad users anxiously wants iPad to do real work on their tablets.

According to some others reports Microsoft is losing billions of dollars a year ($2.5 billions to be exact) by not releasing Office for iPad and iPhone. So we can only wish that the report of Office releasing for iOS very soon comes out to be true so that iPad and iPhone users can finally stop using Office alternatives.


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