New iOS 7 Tweaks: Touchy, DimWithFlash, NoStatusBar and CCinfo for Control Center

Today we will shortly review 4 new Cydia jailbreak tweaks and apps which includes Touchy, DimWithFlash, NoStatusBar and CCinfo for Control Center.


iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks


Touchy is new great Cydia tweak which allow users to set their fingers as shortcut to their favorite apps and folders. Didn’t get it? No problem. I will explain with example. Support a person has set index finger to launch music app, then everytime he will touch the sensor with index finger, Music app will opens. Amazing, isn’t it?


DimWithFlash is great cydia tweak which can be useful for iPhone users in Pakistan where users use the torch feature of smartphones very frequently. If you have ever availed the torch feature of control center, you would have noticed that the display gets dim and you have unlock the device to turn it off. DimWithFlash eliminates this problem.


As the name suggests, NoStatusBar cydia tweak will remove the status bar from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch when you are playing any game or using any app thus giving full control over space to that particular app.

CCInfo for Control Center

CCinfo for Control Center adds more functionality to iOS 7 Control Center. After installing this cydia tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7, you will be able to see your iDevice free RAM, WiFi IP Address, free storage, CPU usages and much more.

So there were four awesome Cydia tweaks. We will keep sharing cool cydia tweaks with our readers so stay tuned with us for more reviews.


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