LogMeIn Free to Control Remote PCs is Paid Now!

A very sad news as famous web too to control remove PCs i.e. LogMeIn Free is now dead and is paid service now, announced by the company today. For almost a decade, LogMeIn had been great tool for every user who was remotely controlling his PC but now the company behind this famous service has changed its mind as it now want to earn some cash for its service.


According to the latest blog post on LogMeIn blog, the company had announced that we are no more providing free access to our service to remove control your PC. All the previous users who were using free plan will have seven days time in which they are required to upgrade their account to premium if they continue to avail LogMeIn services. Failure to comply with this message will lead to suspension or permanent removal of their account the LogMeIn free accounts are no more available.


LogMeIn Free

According to blog post on LogMeIn blog:

After ten years, LogMeIn’s free remote access product, LogMeIn Free, is going away.  We will be unifying our portfolio of free and premium remote access products into a single offering.

Starting in January, we will gradually migrate users of LogMeIn-branded remote access offerings and Ignition-branded remote access offerings to a single, premium access product.

In seven days span if you upgrade your account and buy a premium subscription, then you will also get iOS and Android apps for LogMeIn beside getting remove access to your PC. Also the company had clearly announced that this decision has nothing to do with their other free services like join.me and Cubby and they will remain free.

So what do you think about LogMeIn free no more available? Do share your thoughts with us, we would love to hear from your about your thoughts on this LogMeIn decision.


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