LockInfo and IntelliscreenX for iOS 7 To Be Released Soon

The famous jailbreak tweaks called LockInfo and IntelliscreenX for iOS 7 will be released very soon, confirmed by their developers. The function of both these Cydia tweaks is related to lockscreen like bringing new features to default iOS lockscreen.


Recently Team Evad3rs surprised everyone by releasing iOS 7 untethered jailbreak solution in form of new tool evasion7 for both Windows and Mac. Since this release was unexpected, so majority of Cydia developers didn’t get time to update their tweaks to make them compatible with iOS 7. Though there are some iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks but still most of tweaks lack support for latest iOS 7. LockInfo and IntelliscreenX jailbreak tweaks are one of them. But the good news for lovers of these tweaks is that according to their developers, LockInfo and IntelliscreenX for iOS 7 will be released very soon.


LockInfo IntelliscreenX for iOS 7

The developers of both LockInfo and IntelliscreenX have made the official announcements on their official twitter accounts:


We are working on ISX 7.0 and Messages +7. There were a lot of changes and good things take time. Worth wait. Free Upgrade from ISX 6.


Currently, LockInfo doesn’t work with iOS7. I’m  in the process of rewriting it for iOS 7 but it will take time.

Another good news was that those users who have already purchased IntelliscreenX6 will get free upgrade to ISX7 while as far as LockInfo is concerned, the developer didn’t hint about its price.

Since the release of iOS 7 untether jailbreak, we have been continuously covering the latest Cydia apps and Jailbreak tweaks. We hope that LockInfo and IntelliscreenX for iOS 7 will be released very soon to allow user customize their lock screen with style.


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