iTransmission for iOS 7 Allow You To Download Torrents on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Torrents are of the the most popular way to download movies, books, softwares and music online. Those of you who download movies and other stuff would be aware of torrents. Android users have got tons of apps in Play Store for downloading torrents on their devices but as far as iOS devices are concerned, no app is available in App Store for downloading torrents. But no need to worry now, as a cydia tweak is now available which allow iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to download torrents in iOS 7.


iTransmission for iOS 7 Allow You To Download Torrents on iPhone


There are many benefits on jailbreaking iDevice as it allow iDevice owners to customize their iPhones and add the features which Apple hasn’t added by default like ability to download torrents. iOS 7 untethered jailbreak was released few months ago and thousands of thousands of iDevice owners have jailbreaked their devices using that tool released by Team Evad3rs. If you have already jailbreaked your iDevice and now want to download torrents in iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you have landed on right page.

How to Download Torrents in iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod with iTransmission

iTransmission is a new cydia tweak which is also by far one the most popular cydia tweak available. Recently the developers behind this cydia tweak have updated this tweak and released iTransmission for iOS 7 allowing iOS 7 users to enjoy the freedom of downloading torrents on the go.

The developer have added many new features to iTransmission for iOS 7 and also changed the interface of it to match the iOS 7 flat layout. Using the updated version of iTransmission, users would be able to set the upload and download limits while downloading torrents in iOS 7 on their iDevices. Also you can Try BarMagnet Torrent Remote Jailbreak App for iPhone to control the torrent client remotely on the go.

iTransmission is available in cydia for free. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this famous tweak from cydia and start downloading torrents in iOS 7.


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