iFile For iOS 7 Updated! Working Well on iPhone 5s

iOS 7 users rejoice as our favorite Jailbreak tweak iFile for iOS 7 is updated now and is fully working on Apple iPhone 5S without any problem. For those who don’t know, iFile is one of the most popular jailbreak tweak which allow users to browse the root directories on their iOS running iDevices.


iFile is much similar to Windows Explorer in Windows and Finder in Mac as the function of both are same. Apart from giving access to root directories, iFile also allow users install apps, delete the system files, delete the app files, saves pictures to camera roll, rename files, view the file or folder attributes and tons of other similar things. The good news is that iFile for iOS 7 is now updated and it is working very smoothly on iPhones 5s which gives us a hint that it will run very well of other 64 bit iDevices too.


This new update for iFile was basically to improve its user interface to match the look and feel of iOS 7 flat UI. In this updated iFile version, you will see that white color is used a lot just like iOS 7 UI.

iFile For iOS 7

iFile for iOS 7 Features

Some of the tested features of iFile on iOS 7 installed on iPhone 5S are:

  • Moving the files from Dropbox and FTP to iPhone and vice versa.
  • Importing Mp3s directly from C.
  • Unzipping the zipped archives or other compressed files.
  • Copying the files
  • Using Bluetooth to send files to other devices which are also running iFile for iOS 7 app.
  • Ability to edit texts
  • Renaming the files
  • Installation of .deb files
  • and much much more

So these were only few features of iFile. Now since iOS 7 jailbreak was released, so developers have felt that its now time to release iFile for iOS 7 and they have finally did it.


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