How to Setup iTunes Account (Apple ID) Without Credit Card (Video)

Looking for Apple ID? I will guide you to create or Setup iTunes Account (Apple ID) without Credit Card or gift card for free (Video). Once you have purchased your first even iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then the next step is to setup iTunes account.


Recently Apple made it compulsory for everyone (well almost) to provide their credit card details or enter gift card while creating an Apple ID. While on the one side it is good move but on the other note it has caused lot of problems for students like me who don’t have credit card. So for all such users like me, I have found a workout that will help you for sure. I will tell you How to Setup iTunes Account (Apple ID) without Credit Card or gift card in very simple and easy way.


Also this method can be used to create Apple ID of any country means if any app is unavailable in your country, you can create a new Apple ID of other country to install that app.

Setup iTunes Account Without Credit Card

Guide to Setup iTunes Account (Apple ID) Without Credit Card (Video)

There are only few steps that you need to follow in order to create iTunes account or Apple ID for free without even using your Credit or Debit card. Read each step carefully and implement it as it is.

Step 1) Unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then tap on App Store icon to launch it.

Step 2) When the App store is opened, tap on the “Featured” button below and then select any free game or app from there by tapping on its icon.

Step 3) Click on “Free” button.

Step 4) Now a popup will open, select “Create New Apple ID” from there.

Step 5) Now select your country and email address there.(You can select any country regardless of where you are currently situated)

Step 6) Read the terms and conditions and tap on agree button.

Step 7) Again on next window enter the required information and then again tap on “Next”.

step 6

Step 8) In next window, you will be asked to enter the billing information. Select “None” from there. Below that enter your first name, last name etc and tap on “Next” button.

Step 9) Voila, you are almost done now. Now you only need to verify your account. Apple will send verification email to the email address you have provided. Open your email and verify your account.

So that was all required to Setup iTunes Account (Apple ID) without Credit Card. Simple process, isn’t it? Though I have explained everything in details with screenshots but still if you are stuck at any step, let me know, I will try to help you out.

P.S We will upload the video of all the above steps shortly, stay tuned with us.


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