Guide to Encrypt Data on Android Device

If you have a lot of confidential or private data on your Android device, then we would highly recommend you to encrypt that data so that you data is always safe from being hacked or stolen.


Encryption is the process of converting the readable data or information into code so that hackers can’t read it. This is done using encryption key which actually act as a converter. The benefit of encrypting data is that any unauthorized person won’t be able to extract original message from the encrypted data. The best part of Android is that Google has included data encryption feature by default in it that can encrypt all the data on your Android device. Once you have encrypted the data on your Android device, you will need to enter PIN to decrypt the data whenever you turn ON your device. We will guide you to Encrypt Data on Android using the safest way.



Though it is good to protect your data, but there are few drawbacks of doing so on Android device. Make sure you check all these before proceeding with out tutorial.

  • Your device might gets slower by encrypting the data. However it does depend on your Android device hardware too.
  • Once you encrypt the data on your Android device then you can’t disable this feature. The only way to disable it is by resetting the device to default factory setting which will clean/erase all the data stored on your device.

How to Encrypt Data on Android Device

Encryption of data on Android might take two hours or longer. The time depends on the data to be encrypted and the your device hardware. Also if you discontinue the process then you will lose data on your device.

You will need to have lock screen PIN on password enabled to start the encryption process. If you haven’t, then go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Security’ there and then select ‘Screen Lock’. Create a PIN or password there.


You are now ready to start the encryption process. Again go to ‘Settings –> Security’ and select ‘Encrypt phone’ there. Read the warning and touch ‘Encrypt phone’ again to start the process.

Enter your PIN and agree to the warning and then wait for 2-3 hours without disturbing your phone or tablet during that time like a good boy/girl. You will be able to see the progress and remaining time. Once this process is completed, your data on that device will be encrypted. Now you will need to enter the PIN each time you turn ON your phone or tablet.

So this was the whole process on how to encrypt data on Android device, once you’re with this successfully, enjoy the security. 


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