Guide to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows

Most of the times when you try to connect any USB device specially USB flash drive to your computer, your Windows fails to recognize it and gives an error. Tired of USB device not recognized problem in Windows? We are covering easy to use guide to help you fix usb device not recognized error in Windows.


USB Device Not Recognized in Windows


How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows

1) Uninstall the USB drivers

The most effective fix to this problem is to uninstall the usb device drivers and then re-insert it. For that right click on My Computer and then select Properties and go to Device Manager. There under USB drivers, uninstall your USB device drivers. When it is done, restart your computer and then re-insert your USB device to your computer. Hopefully the problem will be fixed.

2) Restore your Windows

If the above fix didn’t work for you then try restoring your Windows using restore point. For that open start menu and type Restore there and then select System restore. Go through wizard to restore your Windows to earlier state.

3) Unplug Computer from Power Supply

If none of above methods works for you to fix usb device not recognized in Windows, then unplug your desktop computer from the power supply. First turn OFF your computer and then unplug it from power supply for few seconds. After that connect power supply to your computer again and turn it ON. Once the Windows is booted, connect your usb device to your computer. Hopefully the usb device not recognized error in windows would be fixed after this method.

Incase if you have laptop, turn OFF your laptop first and then remove the battery from it for few seconds. After few seconds re-insert it again and then turn it ON. Now try connecting your USB device again and if everything went correct, your device would be detected by Windows.

These were few methods to fix USB Device not recognized in Windows 7 or Windows XP. If you know any other method, then do share with us in comments and we would love to include that too.


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