Guide to Fix Invalid SIM Issue in iPhone on iOS 7

Many iPhone users have been complaining that they are facing/getting invalid SIM issue on iPhone after upgrading it to iOS 7. If you are one of such users, then you have found a right page. Though there are no clear solution to this problem, but we will discuss a list of few things which you can follow to get rid invalid SIM issue in iPhone on iOS 7.


fix invalid sim iphone


How to Fix Invalid SIM Issue in iPhone on iOS 7

1) Remove the SIM and then Re-Insert it

iphone sim tray

The first solution we recommend to our readers is to remove the SIM tray and then re-insert the SIM again. If the problem still persists, then turn OFF your iPhone, remove the SIM, turn it ON and then insert the SIM tray. If your phone detects the SIM now and display the name of carrier then its OK otherwise go for other fix.

2) Change the SIM Card

Sometimes the problem may be in the SIM so change the SIM card and check if the problem is fixed. If problem is fixed then problem is in your SIM card otherwise try the next fix.

3) Reset Network Settings

If none of above fix worked for you, then try resetting network settings on your iPhone. For that go to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings. If the problem is with your iPhone settings, then the problem should be fixed now.

4) Restore iPhone

If nothing is working for you, then try restoring your iPhone. For that, take a backup on your iPhone via iTunes and then perform a clean restore using the firmware file. Once restore is done, re-insert your SIM to your iPhone. We hope the problem will be fixed. If that fix hasn’t worked for you too, then there is only one option left.

5) Go to Apple Store

Unfortunately the problem is with your iPhone hardware if none of above method worked in your case. So in that case go to Apple Store and claim your iPhone warranty. If your iPhone is under warranty, then there is 99% change of getting it replaced with new one.

How do you found our this guide on fix invalid SIM issue in iPhone on iOS 7? Do share your experience with us if any of the above method worked in your case.


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