Get Swype Like Keyword on iPhone in iOS 7 Using this Cydia Tweak

Loved the Swype keyword for Android and wanted to try it on your iPhone? Well, good news for you is that a new cydia tweak is released that let you get Swype like keyword on iPhone in iOS 7.


This new cydia tweak called Hipjot will change the keyword on your iPhone to swype like keyword (very famous custom keyword for Android). The main feature of this amazing keyboard is that it has a very intelligent system which will predict the word you are typing with almost 99% accuracy. So it means that your typing speed will improve drastically with this swype keyword installed on your iPhone.


Swype Like Keyword on iPhone in iOS 7

How to Get Swype Like Keyword on iPhone in iOS 7

As this is cydia tweak, so one thing is obvious which is jailbroken iPhone is needed in order to install this cool cydia tweak to get swype keyboard on iPhone. So if you haven’t yet jailbroken your iPhone, then go and jailbreak it first. If your iPhone is already jailbroken, then you can follow the steps below to install swype keyboard on iPhone.

  • First of all launch cydia app on your jailbroken iPhone.
  • Tap on Manage –> Sources and then tap on Edit button.
  • Tap on Add and then add this URL there –>
  • Refresh the cydia app.
  • Now when this repo is added, tap on it and install the package named “nin”.
  • Respring your iPhone.

Once this cool keyword is installed, you will enjoy every bit of your iPhone. The performance of Swype keyword for iPhone (iOS 7) is awesome. Though it does have few issues like shifting between emoji keyboard takes a little time but still it is awesome. This cydia tweak is still in its beta stages so you can expect lot of improvements in future.

Let us know about your views on this swype keyboard for iPhone.


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