Get Smart Pause Feature on iPhone, iPad in iOS 7 with Facehalt Cydia Tweak

Samsung introduced cool smart pause feature in Galaxy S4. I have seen many iDevice users who want this ability on their iPhones and iPads. No worries, here’s how you can get smart pause feature on iPhone, iPad in iOS 7 using a cool cydia jailbreak tweak called Facehalt.


Smart pause feature uses your mobile or tablet sensors to pause the video being played when you away and also it automatically resumes the video when you start looking at your device display again. This feature of S4 received a lot of positive reviews and also many iPhone users also loved this feature.


All those iPhone users who have been waiting for smart pause feature for iPhone should rejoice now as I have finally found a solution for you. Facehalt is a cydia tweak which allow iDevice owners to get smart pause feature on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Of course this is cydia tweak, so you will need to jailbreak your device first before installing facehalt cydia tweak.

get smart pause feature on iPhone, iPad

How to Install Facehalt To Get Smart Pause Feature on iPhone, iPad in iOS 7

First of all as mentioned earlier too, you need to untether jailbreak your iDevice first using evasion7 jailbreak tool. When you are done with jailbreaking, you have my permissions to follow the steps below:

  • Launch Cydia app on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.
  • Add Bigboss repository there.
  • Now search for “Facehalt” cydia tweak there.
  • In search result you will see the required cydia tweak.
  • Install this cydia tweak and then respring your iDevice.

Yes, you did it. You have successfully installed the facehalt cydia tweak on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. Now you can enjoy the smart pause feature of S4 on your iPhone, iPad in iOS 7.


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