Get Old iOS 6 Signal Bars in iOS 7

Didn’t like the dots representing signal strength in iOS 7? No worries, you can get Old iOS 6 Signal Bars in iOS 7 using iOS 7 Cydia Tweak.


Apple completely revamped iOS with iOS 7 by changing almost everything in it. From design to interface to new features, iOS 7 was a great addition. Despite the fact that many people liked iOS 7, there are few iDevice owners who didn’t like it.  One major change in iOS 7 was that it replaced the classic signal bars representing strength with dots. Though I liked it and many others users would have too but still I found few people who want to get the old classic Signal bars. Here we will cover complete tutorial on how to Old iOS 6 Signal Bars in iOS 7.


Old iOS 6 Signal Bars in iOS 7

How to Get Old iOS 6 Signal Bars in iOS 7

Please note that this is a jailbreak tweak so before you read any further make sure your iPhone is jailbroken and Cydia is fully working on it. If you haven’t jailbroken your iDevice, then first jailbreak your iPhone.

Once done with jailbreaking, launch the Cydia app on your iPhone and follow these steps:

Search for WinterBoard app and install it.

One WinterBoard is installed, launch the WinterBoard app and search for “iOS 7 Bars” in Cydia and install it.

When installation is completed, launch the iFile and go to below directory:var/mobile/library/Caches/

Once you have safely reached that destination, delete the “Images” folder there by swing the folder towards right.

When deletion is completed, close the iFile app.

Launch WinterBoard app.

Tap on “Select Themes” and select the iOS 7 Bars you have just installed.

Now respring your iDevice to get the Old iOS 6 Signal Bars in iOS 7. Voila, that’s it and I hope you will achieved your desired results easily after following all the steps above.


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