Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Error in Windows 7/8

Tired of annoying Windows Explorer has stopped working? Go through our tips to Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Error in Windows 7 or Windows 8.


Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Error Working


This annoying error can be due to certain reasons. We will cover in details the reasons for this error and then different methods to fix Windows Explorer has stopped working Windows 7 error.

How to Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Error in Windows 7/8

This error is very dangerous because if this occurs when you are working on very important word file or working on presentation, then you are left with no option but to restart your PC. Now since you have landed on right page to get rid of this problem, so no worries at all. Below are few fixes to help you fix Windows Explorer has stopped working in Windows 7.

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Fix # 1) Install Updates

The first fix is to install the latest updates. Sometimes this error is due to bug in Windows built-in application. Microsoft almost regularly release updates for its operating systems including Windows 7, so if your PC error is related to Microsoft software then it should be fixed after installing latest updates.

Fix # 2) Using CMD

If you have installed the latest updates but the problem still persists, then go for this method. Click on start button and search for CMD. Now right click on cmd.exe and select “Run as administrator”.

Once command prompt is opened, type “Sfc /scannow” and hit Enter. Now this will scan your Windows important files for errors and will fix them.

Fix # 3) Scan using Anti-Virus

If none of above fixes work for you, then your PC might be infected with virus. For that install a good anti-virus software (I recommend AVG Free) and then full scan your computer using it. If there is/are any infected files or viruses, the antivirus will clean or repaid them to fix Windows errors for you.

So these were three methods to Fix Windows Explorer has stopped working error in Windows 7 or 8. I hope you would have found them very beneficial.


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