How to Fix Failed to Fetch Error in Cydia?

After jailbreaking iPhone on iOS 7 are you getting Failed to fetch […] HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found error in Cydia? No problem as the fix is now available to get rid of this annoying problem. After the evad3rs team released iOS 7 jailbreak, majority of iOS devices owners rushed to download the tool to get their devices jailbroken. Though the tool was very well but still some users are getting problems after using it and one common problem is getting errors in Cydia. So we decided to cover guide on Fix Failed to Fetch Error in Cydia. The process is pretty simple and you will get rid of this error in minutes.


The symptoms of this error are whenever you refresh sources in Cydia app, you get 404 error. The main cause for this is UltraSn0w repo which is responsible for this annoyance.


If you are one of the victim of this problem, then I assure you that you have come to right place. Since the release of evasion7 jailbreak tool, we have been posting guides to fix common problems after using evasion jailbreak tool and this guide on Fix Failed to Fetch Error in Cydia is new one.

Fix Failed to Fetch Error in Cydia

Guide Fix Failed to Fetch Error in Cydia

So in order to get rid of this annoyance on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7 and jailbreaked using evasion7 tool is to follow few simple steps below to get the task done.

  • Launch the Cydia app on your iDevice.
  • Go to the manage tab.
  • There tap on the edit button in the upper right hand corner of screen.
  • Tap the minus sign (red color) there next and then delete the UltraSn0w repo.
  • Now at the end touch the done button in upper right corner.

That’s it. Now close the Cydia app and then open again and click on Refresh button. Now you have fixed the fetch error in Cydia. If you have faced any problem which is related to this guide on Fix Failed to Fetch Error in Cydia, then drop a comment below.


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