How to Fix Blocked Plug-in Message in Safari

Getting Blocked Plug-in error message in Safari browser on Mac? No worries, here’s how to fix blocked plugin message in Safari on Mac OS X.


From the past few months, most of the Safari users are experiencing blocked plugin message in Safari browser when browsing different websites having flash content. The major reason for this error is that Apple is no more accepting Adobe flash Player (older versions) for Safari. So if you have older version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your Mac OS and are trying to browse a flash website using Safari browser, then you will get this annoying message stating Fix Blocked Plug-in in your Safari browser instead of that rich flash content.


Fix Blocked Plug-in Message

Today we will cover a guide on how to fix this blocked plug-in message to surf the flash content securely and with ease on Mac OS X using Safari Browser.

Procedure to Fix Blocked Plug-in Message in Safari

The solution to this problem is simple. Since this error is due to outdated version of Adobe flash player installed, so you need to update the Flash Player. Simply browse the Adobe Flash player by vising Adobe site and then downloading latest version of Flash from there.

Other method is to visit the site where you are getting this error and click on the error message there which will start the installation of Flash Player. Once the downloading is completed, restart the Safari browser and you will see no error.

So this was simple fix to blocked plug-in message in Safari. If the problem persists, le me know in comments.


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