Finally Substrate Safe Mode for iOS 7 with iPhone 5S Support

A really good news for all jailbreak community as Substrate Safe Mode for iOS 7 is updated with iOS 7 and iPhone 5S support.


Saurik updated the Mobile Substrate to Cydia Substrate few weeks ago and then few days ago he also updated Winterboard for iOS 7. Now he has updated Substrate Safe Mode for iOS 7 and iPhone 5S support so it looks like he is very busy these days.


For those who don’t know, Safe Mode substrate is actually a great substrate like you can call it mother of substrates. It actually prevents the iDevice i.e iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from entering into a permanent crash cycle. But you must be wondering how it performs this? Well, it prevents the iPhone from entering crash cycle by giving a small chance to you to uninstall the Cydia package you have just installed and is causing the problems.

Finally Substrate Safe Mode for iOS 7

Safe Mode for iOS 7 Updated with iPhone 5S Support

Safe Mode Substrate was released for iOS 7 few days ago and here is its description:

Safe mode is a feature of MobileSubstrate that prevents your device from entering a permanent crash cycle by giving you a chance to uninstall malfunctioning extensions without a complete device restore.

Saurik is founder of Cydia and few popular cydia tweaks too like WinterBoard themes, Cydia Substrate and also the Safe Mode Substrate. According to him about the latest Safe Mode for iOS 7 update release for iOS 7 and iPhone 5S:

As of version 0.9.4000 this package is even safe on iOS 7 (and on ARM64).

For all those who have jailbroken their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7 using the evasi0n7 jailbreak tool, hear over to Cydia and download or install the Safe Mode for iOS 7 Substrate and enjoy.


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