Easily Fix Windows Was Unable to Connect to Selected Network

One of the most annoying problem I face sometimes on my Windows 7 is that while connecting to WiFi network I get error Windows was unable to connect to selected network (network name). I am sure many other people like me would be tired of this problem so I have decided to help all these fellows by writing a guide on how to easily fix Windows was unable to connect to selected network error. windows was unable to connect to selected network


How to Fix Windows Was Unable to Connect to Selected Network

We will share different methods with you to help you get rid of this annoying and strange Windows was unable to connect to the selected network error in Windows 7. Keep on trying them until you get success.

1) Disable/Enable the Wireless Card

First fix and the one which works most of the time in my case is to disable the Wifi card drivers and then enable again. For that right click on Computer icon and select properties. There on top left side, you will see “Device manager”. Click on that to open it and navigate to network drivers and disable your Wifi Drivers from there. After few seconds enable it again and try to connect to Wifi network. network drivers You can also disable enable Wifi drivers by clicking on going to “Network and Sharing Center” and clicking on “Change adapter settings” there. This will open the connections. Right click on the wireless one and select disable from there. fix windows unable to connect

2) Renew the IP Address

Sometimes this problem arises because of IP address and renewing the IP Address fixes this problem. To renew the IP, click on start button and type CMD in search. Right click on CMD icon and select run as administrator. Once CMD is opened, type the commands below there and hit enter

ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew

As soon as you hit enter button, you will see a long message. Close CMD after that and retry. If your PC problem was related to IP, then after the above steps, that problem should be fixed.

3) Restart your Wireless Router

If none of above method work for you, you are left with one and only one options that is to reset your wireless router if you have access to it. Once the router is restarted, try to connect to the wireless network again. I hope this will fix the issue. Incase you don’t have access to wireless router like using someone else internet, then spend some money and get your own internet connection to get on safer side against these annoying errors. So these were some of the methods to Fix Windows Was unable to connect to selected network error in Windows 7 or in Windows 8. If I have missed any tip which you feel is also helpful to fix this error, then do share it with us.

Source: http://appshacks.net/fix-windows-was-unable-to-connect-to-selected-network-issue/


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