Easily Change Brightness on iPhone in iOS 7 by Sliding Status Bar

Reducing the brightness on iPhone is one of the best method to improve the battery life of your iPhone. In previous versions of iOS, one has to launch settings app and then under the sub-settings, there was option for changing (increasing/decreasing) the brightness on any iOS running iDevice.


Thanks to control center in iOS 7, now users can easily increase or decrease the brightness of screen using the control center. In control center which can be accessed by swiping the screen upward. There is a slider for adjusting the screen brightness there.


If you have jailbreaked your iPhone on iOS 7 using evasion7 jailbreak tool, then you should give StatusBright cydia tweak a try. This new jailbreak cydia tweak will allow users to easily change the screen brightness through the iPhone status bar. Once you have installed this cydia tweak, you can simply increase the brightness on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen by by swiping towards the right side or to decrease the brightness, you can simply swipe towards left side. That looks very cool, isn’t it?

Change-Brightness-iPhone-iOS 7-Sliding-Status-Bar

I highly recommend this cydia tweak to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who have jailbreaked their iDevices with evasion7 jailbreak tool. If you have any questions regarding StatusBright cydia tweak, you can ask me in comments.


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