Download Windows 8.1 ISO and Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 few months ago and they have added a lot of new features and improvements to 8.1. Windows 8.1 is available in both digital and physical forms and Windows 8 users can get this latest Windows by Microsoft for free.


The problem most of the users are getting is that they are unable to get Windows 8.1 ISO file. Here we will guide you step by step to download Windows 8.1 ISO file and then create bootable Windows 8.1 USB Flash Drive in order to install it. So are you ready to proceed?


Download Windows 8.1 ISO


Before you proceed, make sure you have fulfilled the below requirements:

  • USB Flash Drive of 4GB or larger
  • Windows 8.1 ISO File
  • A System running Windows Windows 8.
  • A legal copy of Windows 8

First we will tell you how to download Windows 8.1 ISO file. Make sure you are already using legal copy of Windows 8 as you will need to provide Microsoft your Windows 8 key in order to download Windows 8.1 ISO.

How to Download Windows 8.1 ISO and Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

  1. First of all download the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 installed from Microsoft.
  2. Launch the Windows 8 installed.
  3. It will ask you for your Windows 8 key.
  4. Enter your Windows 8 key there to start the download process.
  5. When download exactly hits the 1%, pause it but don’t quit it.
  6. Now exit that installed and launch the Windows 8.1 installer you have download in step 1.
  7. You will see error the download task did not complete. ignore that error and proceed.
  8. Now close the setup window and re-run the Windows 8.1 installer again.
  9. Now you will see that Windows 8.1 is started.
  10. Once the download is completed, you will be asked for what to do. Click on “Install by creating media” option and proceed next.
  11. Select the ISO file option there and proceed next.
  12. Now popup will open and will ask you for the place where you want to place the ISO file. Place it on your desktop.

Now you have got the Windows 8.1 ISO file. Next we need to Create Windows 8.1 Bootable USB Flash Drive.

  1. Download the Windows 7 Bootable USB installer.
  2. Install this and then simply follow the onscreen instructions to create Windows 8.1 bootable USB Flash drive.

Create Windows 8.1 Bootable USB

So this was easy to understand tutorial to download Windows 8.1 ISO and then create Windows 8.1 Bootable USB Flash Drive. Let us know about the problem/problems you have faced in comments.


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