Download UC Browser for PC Running Windows 7/8

The most famous Android browser aka UC Browser can be now installed on PC. Here is detailed guide on how to download UC Browser for PC running Windows 7/8.


UC Browser


For quite long time, UC Browser has been one of the most popular Mobile browser because it is very stable and the developers behind this legendary browser release its updates quite frequently to keep it bugs free. We though of writing a post to for those users who want to download and Install UC Browser on their Windows running PC. So ladies and gentlemen, here is our detailed guide on UC Browser for PC.

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In today’s World, Internet has become very important part of many people life. Some people including me can’t simply pass their time without Internet. Such users have got 3G/GPRS enable mobile phones so that they can get access to internet anywhere and anytime since they simply can’t imagine life without this Internet thingy. Thanks to great smartphones like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series, which provide desktop like internet experience on Mobile.

uc browser for pc

Apart from these mobiles there are many other companies too making great smartphones and almost of them came with some browser pre-installed to let users access internet on their mobiles. Though these browsers are enough to meet ordinary user requirements but if you are advanced user and want to get max out of your device, then we recommend you to got for UC Browser. The reason for this is simple: UC Browser is one of the most reliable and faster mobile browser available on planet at the moment and I guarantee once you once UC browser, there is no way back!

The key Features of UC Browser for PC includes great UI and Speed. The speed of UC browser is no less then Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Other than that, the developers have been releasing updates for UC browser for PC quite frequently to keep upto the required standards. Now coming back to original topic of installing UC Browser for PC for interested users.

Though officially UC Browser is only available for Android and iOS but there is a little tricky method to get Download UC Browser for PC. Once you have downloaded that, you can easily install UC Browser for PC on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Ready to follow the guide? OK, follow the steps below:

How to Download UC Browser for PC Running Windows 7/8

There are few methods to get UC Browser for PC. One is to download Android Emulator like BlueStacks and install it on your PC. When it is installed, run the app and in the top corner you will see a search box. Type in UC Browser there and in search results click on download button next to UC Browser logo. Once it is downloaded, you can run UC browser in BlueStacks.

UC Browser for PC Windows 7/8

The other method is to download the executable file on UC Browser for PC. This is very simple method and all you need is to download the exe file of UC Browser for PC. You can download UC Browser exe from here (Windows 7 | Windows 8).

So that was our detailed guide on Download UC Browser for PC and I am sure you would have found it very useful.


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