Download Micromax USB Drivers for Windows

Just like other devices, in order to connect Micromax smartphones to your Windows computer, you will need to install the USB drivers.


Micromax is basically an Indian company which manufactures smartphones and tablet computers. The company entered the smartphone market in late 2010 and since then its market share in smartphone segment is increasing day by day. (You can read more about Micromax on Wikipedia).


download Micromax USB drivers

So if you have recently bought a Micromax smartphone or tablet and now want to download Micromax USB drivers for Windows 7 or Windows 8, then no worries. Here in this post, we will share Micromax USB drivers for all of its smartphones and tablets.

Download Micromax USB Drivers for Windows 7/8

Unlike Samsung , HTC and Sony, Micromax doesn’t offer PC Suite application. It would have much easier for the Micromax users if its official PC Suite application was available. But unfortunately there isn’t any PC suite application available for Micromax devices so users are left with one option i.e. to download micromax usb drivers manually for their smartphone and then install it on their Windows 7 or Windows 8 running computer.

So below is the list of drivers for Micromax smartphones. You can download the drivers for your Micromax mobile phone or tablet from that list.

  • Micromax A24
  • Micromax A25
  • Micromax A26
  • Micromax A28
  • Micromax A30
  • Micromax A34
  • Micromax A35
  • Micromax A40
  • Micromax A44
  • Micromax A45
  • Micromax A46
  • Micromax A47
  • Micromax A51
  • Micromax A54
  • Micromax A57
  • Micromax A56
  • Micromax A60
  • Micromax A61
  • Micromax A63
  • Micromax A64
  • Micromax A65
  • Micromax A67
  • Micromax A66
  • Micromax A69
  • Micromax A68
  • Micromax A70
  • Micromax A72
  • Micromax A73
  • Micromax A74
  • Micromax A75
  • Micromax A76
  • Micromax A77
  • Micromax A80
  • Micromax A84
  • Micromax A87
  • Micromax A85
  • Micromax A90
  • Micromax A91
  • Micromax A92
  • Micromax A94
  • Micromax A100
  • Micromax A110
  • Micromax A111
  • Micromax A113
  • Micromax A114
  • Micromax A115
  • Micromax A116
  • Micromax A117
  • Micromax A200
  • Micromax A255
  • Micromax A250
  • Micromax P280
  • Micromax P410
  • Micromax P650

Above are the Micromax smartphone released to date. Now all you need is to download Moborobo USB drivers tool from here and install it. Now launch the Moborobo tool on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer and then use it to install drivers. When drivers installation is completed, reboot your computer.

After reboot, you will see that your computer has started detecting your micromax smartphone. If you are still not able to download the usb drivers for your micromax device, then let us know so we can add drivers for your device too.


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