Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta Released (v 8.0.1)

The wait is finally over as BiteSMS for iOS 7 v8.0.1 Beta is now released. You can Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta running iPhone, iPad from Cydia App. We have already told you that more and more jailbreak tweaks will pop out in coming days and specially after the Saurik updated Cydia for iOS 7, the other Jailbreak tweaks developers were impressed.


Few days ago Team Evad3rs released evasion7 jailbreak tool for iOS 7 running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it went in waves as thousands of thousands of users downloaded the tool to jailbreak their iDevices. The tool became controversial when people in China found a version of App Store which contained paid Apps for free however soon after the reaction from other hackers, the Chines version of App store was removed. At start Cydia wasn’t fully compatible with iOS 7 and it was because Saurik didn’t get time to update it because he wasn’t sure about its release. Soon after Cydia was updated for iOS 7, more and more jailbreak tweaks started to come out. Few days ago BiteSMS developers gave signal on Twitter that they are working on updated version of Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta and it will be released soon. Today they have finally released the first Beta of BiteSMS for iOS 7 which is available in Cydia Store now. Before that Zeppelin was refreshed for iOS 7.


Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta

Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta Now from Cydia

This is first beta of BiteSMS and the developers have already told that more than 85% work is complete and they will release the full version of BiteSMS very soon. BiteSMS is advanced messaging Jailbreak Tweak/Cydia App which allow user to send quick replies to their friends. Apart from that users can also send messages or reply to messages directly from notification center.

The UI of this new version of BiteSMS is perfectly in accordance with iOS 7 standards. To Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta, simply open the Cydia app on your jailbroken device and head over to “” repo and get it. It is worth mentioning that this BiteSMS for iOS 7 Beta is totally free but for limited time.


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