Download BBM for iPhone, Android Available

Finally after some delay in launch for BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM for iPhone and Android, BlackBerry has finally confirmed that they are going to reveal both versions at the respective stores in few hours. Announcement of availability of Download BBM for iPhone, Android has been considered as the most exciting announcement made by Company after the release of BB10.


bbm for iphone android



Here is what the official BlackBerry blog posts says:

In the next few hours, people will start seeing BBM in Google Play, the App Store and in select Samsung App Stores – where it will be free to download

The unofficial versions of BBM for iPhone and Android have been surrounding the web in recent times and it was installed on millions of iPhones and Android devices. BBM for Android APK was leaked by someone when it was still in development stages back in September while BBM for iPhone was officially released by BlackBerry for iPhone few months ago but it was available only in New Zealand App Store after it was pulled down from there too by BlackBerry.

According to official blog post, interested users would need to visit on their Android or iPhone browser, install the app and then they need to enter their email address to get in the queue. Final words are that BlackBerry has put lot of efforts in making the BBM for Android and iPhone successful and they have achieved lot. At the moment millions of Android and iPhone users are anxiously waiting to get their hands on Download BlackBerry for iPhone, Android.

Update: Finally BlackBerry has released Download BBM for iPhone, Android and it is available in App Store and Play Store respectively.

Download BBM for iPhone, Android

iPhone users can download the BBM for iPhone from Apple App Store.

Android users can download BBM for Android from Google Play Store. [Coming]

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