Delete Cydia Apps from HomeScreen with CyDelete for iOS 7

Don’t know how to delete Cydia Tweaks? Meet CyDelete for iOS 7 Jailbreak tweak to Delete Cydia Apps from HomeScreen with few taps.


Deleting applications in iOS is very simple. All you need is to tap and hold the app icon you want to delete. After few seconds the icon will start shaking and will have a cross “x” icon at top right. Simply click on that “x” to delete or uninstall app in iPhone. But what about Cydia Tweaks? Well, this function unfortunately doesn’t exist for Cydia Apps and Tweaks. So how to Delete Cydia Apps from HomeScreen? As I told before that unlike the default uninstall option for apps, Cydia apps or tweaks cannot be deleted from homescreen rather one have to go to Settings and delete or uninstall the unwanted cydia tweak from there.


How to Delete Cydia Apps from HomeScreen

Well, good news for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners who have recently jailbreaked their iDevices on iOS 7 using the evasion7 jailbreak tool (Thanks to efforts of Team Evad3rs) can now delete the cydia apps or tweaks from Homescreen in iPhone or iPad. But How?

Delete Cydia Apps from HomeScreen

Well, a developer named Ryan Burke has released a Cydia tweak called CyDelete for iOS 7 which allow iPhone users to delete the Cydia apps or Jailbreak tweaks right from their homescreen by taping and holding the icon for few seconds, just like we use to delete ordinary apps.

So you don’t need to open Settings app every time you want to uninstall the Cydia tweak or app as you have now got a cydia tweak for that too to delete the jailbreak or cydia tweaks from your homescreen. Another good news is that CyDelete7 for iOS 7 is available on Cydia under BigBoss repository for free.

Do give CyDelete for iOS 7 a try to delete Cydia Apps from HomeScreen and share your opinion with us below in comments. [via]


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