Cydia for iOS 7 To be Updated Very Soon: Saurik

Facing problems in Cydia iOS 7 app? Well, no worries as Cydia Founder Saurik says that Cydia for iOS 7 to be very soon. One of the main reason which force iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to jailbreak their devices is Cydia. Few hours ago evad3rs team released untethered iOS 7 jailbreak for iOS 7 in the form of evasion7 tool which is compatible with almost all iDevices running on iOS 7,7.0.1,7.0.2,7.0.3 and 7.0.4.


Team evad3rs caught sudden attention of all iOS devices owners when he unexpectedly released his iOS 7 Jailbreak tool few hours ago. This not only surprised bloggers and iDevice owners but the Cydia founder Saurik too. Saurik says that he didn’t know about this jailbreak tool for iOS 7 until it was released so he wasn’t able to update famous Cydia app to to work with latest iOS 7. But the good news is that Saurik also announces that Cydia for iOS 7 to be update very soon to work 110% with latest iOS 7.


He further added that this updated Cydia will be included in next version of evasion7 which will be released very soon (according to him).

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Cydia for iOS 7

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Cydia for iOS 7 App

After the release of evasion7 jailbreak tool by team evad3rs, many expert iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have download that tool to jailbreak their iDevices on iOS 7. Since the release was very unexpected and even Saurik (Cydia Founder) didn’t know about it so Cydia app for iOS 7 was almost full of bugs and many users complained that to Saurik. Well the good news was that Saurik told them he is working to update Cydia for iOS 7.

So I got no lead time on evasion7, nor was I asked for an official iOS 7 Cydia, I was not given builds, nSoor was I asked for things to test.

This means they are going to have to push a new version of their untether to fix this oversight before I can push newer builds of Substrate.

So if you have jailbreaked your iPhone on iOS 7 and facing too much errors in Cydia for iOS 7 app, then no worries as it will be fixed soon.


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