Customize Homescreen in iOS 7

Tired of boring iOS 7 homescreen and want to customize it? I have found a cool cydia tweak that will allow you to customize iOS 7 homescreen very easily. If you have been iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users for long time, then you would have noticed that Apple hate to allow iDevice owners to customize their iPhones or iPad. Apple think that allowing users to customize the iOS will increase their headache as there is high chance that a newbie user will screw the whole iOS on his iDevice while trying to customize it and as a result he will rush to nearest Apple store. This is in my opinion the Apple logic of not giving users ability customize their iPhones, iPads and iPods.


However thanks to some hardcode users who have then became iOS hackers and released jailbreak for iOS. For those who don’t know, jailbreak iDevice allow users do anything with it. Even users can customize the home screen in it. If you have updated your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 7 and also went through painful jailbreaking process, then you are on right page. We will guide you step by step to customize homescreen in iOS 7 using a cydia tweak named HomescreenDesigner. This is cool cydia tweak and allow users do anything with their iOS 7 homescreen. From changing icon position to advanced level customization, you can simply do anything with this tweak to customize the iOS 7 homescreen.


customize homescreen in iOS 7

How to Customize Homescreen in iOS 7

As I said that a cydia tweak is available for this task of iphone homescreen very easily but as it is cydia tweak so you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad first. When the jailbreaking is done, you will see a cydia icon on your iOS 7 homescreen. Simply launch the cydia icon to launch cydia and then search for HomescreenDesigner cydia tweak for iOS 7 and install it.

Now when the installation is done and you have rebooted your iPhone or iPad too, then its time to start customizing your iPhone homescreen now running and jailbroken on iOS 7. Now from changing icons positions to some advanced customization, do whatever you think and enjoy the jailbreaking. Meanwhile if you are having any problem related to this cydia tweak, then let us know so we can help you.


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