Customize Control Center in iOS 7 with FlipControlCenter [Cydia]

Customize Control Center in iOS 7


Want to customize the look of Control Center in iOS 7? If yes then FlipControlCenter Jailbreak tweak will help you to Customize Control Center in iOS 7. The Fruit company introduced all new Control Center in iOS 7 few months ago when it announced iPhone 5S. The purpose of Control Center was to provide toggles for Rotation lock, Wifi and few other settings so user can quickly turn them ON or OFF.


Just like all iOS 7, Apple gave a minimal look to Control Center which most the users liked but there are few iPhone users who want to customize the Control Center in iOS 7. By default there is no option to customize control center in iOS 7 like removing switches, adding other toggles etc etc. Thanks to Cydia tweak called FlipControlCenter by Ryan Petrich which solved the problem. This jailbreak tweak allow iOS 7 users to customize Control Center in a way they like it liking adding removing switches, changing icon of switches and much more.

Guide to Customize Control Center in iOS 7 with FlipControlCenter

The tweak allow many options like changing the number of switches, adding new switches, removing switches from menu. Great for those who are bored of default look, isn’t it?

Another feature it gives user is that it restrict the access to the switches when the iPhone is locked so it is best for some people. The switches which FlipControlCenter allow to be customized are:

  • Respring
  • LTE
  • VPN
  • Auto Lock
  • Settings
  • Hotspot
  • Vibration
  • Ringer
  • Cellular Data
  • Location Services

In order to install FlipControlCenter, you need to have iPhone jailbroken. Once it is done, open the Cydia app and add and refresh Cydia and then search for FlipControlCenter.


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