Customize Apps Icons Look and UI in iOS 7 with UIColors Cydia Tweak

Apple have changed the iOS a lot with iOS 7. It has totally changed the UI of icons and introduced the flat UI in iOS 7 which was very much liked by iPhone and iPad owners. Apart from changing the icons, Apple also added a bunch of new features like control center. But still there are number of users who didn’t like the flat icons in iOS 7 and they want to customize the icons according to their taste.


Thanks to a new cydia tweak called UIColors, which allow iDevices owners to customize apps icons look and UI in iOS 7 with ease. As you know that Apple introduced flat icons in iOS 7 which was released last year. But still there are few apps with non-iOS 7 optimized icons. This one icon can totally spoil your iOS 7 experience. So that’s where you can take benefit from UIColors cydia tweak as it allows you to customize apps icon look and UI in iOS 7.


Customize Apps Icons Look and UI in iOS 7

Developed by Bailey Seymour, UIColors cydia tweak allow you to freely edit the iOS 7 UI elements and icons colors according to your likings. You can select from variety of colors. According to cydia description, UI colors can customize the following elements:

  • Control Center
  • Grid Views
  • Navigation Bars
  • Table Views
  • Keyboard
  • Music
  • Mail
  • Phone Dialer
  • Whatsapp
  • And few more elements.

The disappointing thing about this cydia tweak is that it isn’t free and you have to buy it from Cydia for $1.49. UIColors is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch updated to iOS 7.


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