Best Cydia iOS 7 Repo To Download Tweaks

After jailbreaking your iDevice, the most important thing is adding repo to Cydia. So here you will find Best Cydia iOS 7 Repo to download the jailbreak tweaks.


Few days ago when team Evad3rs released the iOS 7 jailbreak solution evasion7, then everyone rushed to download it to get Cydia on their device. Though users were able to get Cydia on their iPhones or iPad/iPod Touches running on iOS 7, but the Cydia wasn’t stable. Thanks to Cydia Founder Saurik for release update to make it iOS 7 Compatible. Now in order to download the famous jailbreak tweaks and Cydia apps, you need to add repos to your Cydia app. So In this pots I will tell you best Cydia iOS 7 Repo to download jailbreak tweaks and Cydia Apps.


Best Cydia iOS 7 Repo

As this evasion7 was first ever untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 7 running devices, so most of the jailbreak tweaks weren’t updated for this latest iOS. Due to this you will see most the jailbreak tweaks incompatible with iOS 7. Few most famous Jailbreak tweaks developers worked really hard and they have updated their tweaks to work with iOS 7. Below we have posted few Best Cydia iOS 7 Repo which we want you to go through them.

Cydia iOS 7 Repo


BigBoss is for sure the most famous and widely used Cydia repo. It contain almost all the famous jailbreak and Cydia tweaks. You can add BigBoss repo to Cydia from this address:


iSpazia is another great Cydia repo which is filled with tons of jailbreak tweaks with mostly related to customization. iSpazia can be added from:


ModMyi is my favorite one and the reason for this is that it is probably the biggest Cydia repo as it hosts thousands of thousands of Cydia apps related to almost everything. ModMyi repo can by added from

So these were few famous Cydia repo which are fully working with iOS 7. If you have any other good repo in mind which you want us to include in our best Cydia iOS 7 Repo then tell us.


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