What Are Benefits of Rooting Android Devices?

Do you know what are the benefits or rooting an Android phone or tablet? We will compile list on benefits of Rooting Android device in this post.


Though most of Android users would be aware that rooting Android phone or tablet void its warranty but still many people root their devices. Of course there are many benefits of this and that’s why power Android users who want to get out of their devices always prefer to root their phones or tablets. We are sharing with you some benefits of rooting Android phone or tablet.


benefits of Rooting Android device

Please note that rooting your Android phone or tablet void its warranty since no Android manufacturer want users root their devices. So please always be careful whenever following any root guide.

Benefits or Rooting Android Devices

So lets start to have look at some of the advantages of rooting Android devices. I hope you people will enjoy this list. So here we go:

Freedom to Flash Custom ROMs

One of the best advantage of rooting device is that it allow user to flash custom ROM on their phone or tablet. As the latest official firmware updates are no more released for old smartphones or tablets by manufacturer, so users are bound to root their devices in order to flash custom ROM on them.

Other than that, some people prefer stock Android on their devices because it is free from bloatware which slows the phone. So if you don’t have nexus family device then it is always recommended to flash a clean CM custom ROM on your phone or tablet.

Modify System Files

Rooting allow you to access the system files and even modify them. This can be very helpful in removing unnecessary apps from the mobile to free the space and RAM.

Move All the Apps to SD Card

If your phone has low internet storage then it is better to move your apps from internal storage to SD card. This is feature is not available by default in Android. So you need to root your Android tablet to move all apps to SD card.

Easily Overclock CPU

Yes, once you have your phone rooted, you can easily overclock the CPU on your Android device if it is rooted. By overclocking CPU I mean increasing the processing power of your CPU. Please use this feature carefully as its misuse can damage your phone. If your phone processor is 600MHz then overclock it to around 650-680MHz,

So readers, these were few major benefits of rooting Android devices. I am sure I haven’t missed anyone but if you feel I have missed, then let me know via comments.


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