What Are Benefits of Installing Custom ROM on Android Devices?

Everyone wants to improve the speed of his/her Android device. When it comes to improving speed and performance, the first thing that comes to our mind is rooting and custom ROM. These two words are well known by almost all Android users.


Few days ago, we wrote detailed article on benefits of rooting Android devices. Today we will discuss in details the benefits of installing custom ROM on Android phone or tablet. Before we start about advantages of custom ROM, let us look at what a custom ROM is. Custom ROM is basically a tweaked version of Android Operating system which is installed on Android device and stored in ROM. There are two types of ROMs:


Stock Rom: Official Android firmware which is provided by the manufacturer and installed by default on Android device. It provides limited access to users.

Custom ROM: A tweaked ROM made by developer for specific device. Custom ROM gives user power to customize apps thus improving the overall performance of device.

Benefits of Installing Custom ROM

The availability of custom ROM for specific device depends upon the popularity of that device among Android developers and users. If the device is not that much popular, then you will hardly find a good custom ROM for that device while on the other hand there will tons of custom ROM available for device like Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4, HTC One etc etc.

What are Benefits of Installing Custom ROM on Android Devices

If the official firmware update based on latest Android version is not available for your phone or tablet, then you can get the latest Android using custom ROM to make your old phone new.

Custom ROMs are very fast as compared to stock ROMs since developers remove the bloatware and useless applications from them and add some great new features to that. Thus installing custom ROM on your device improves its performance very drastically.

By default Android doesn’t let you install Apps on your SD card which makes it hard of user specially if they are running out of their space. That’s not the problem if you have custom ROM installed on your phone since it allow you to install Apps on your SD card.

These were few benefits on installing custom ROM on Android phone or tablet. If we missed any feature, then do share your opinion with us in comments.


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