Barrel for iOS 7 Released To Customize iOS 7 Homescreen

The most popular Jailbreak tweak Barrel is now available for latest iOS 7. You can now get Barrel for iOS 7 to customize iOS 7 homescreen and animations.


Barrel is a very nice Jailbreak tweak which allow you to add animations or customize the homescreen or I would say almost everything on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you ask most of iPhone owners a question that why they jailbreak their iDevices then most of them would answer to use Barrel tweak. So you can imagine the popularity and importance of this Cydia tweak to users. Well the good news is that Barrel for iOS 7 is released now. If you are iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owner and have jailbreaked your iDevice but you don’t know about Barrel, then in my opinion, you don’t know about any jailbreak tweak.


Barrel for iOS 7

Believe me Barrel is one of those Cydia or Jailbreak tweak which convinces the iDevices users to go with jailbreaking their devices. Since iOS 7 jailbreak was very unexpected so most of these jailbreak tweaks developers weren’t able to get their tweaks ready for iOS 7. Same was case with Barrel, it wasn’t compatible with iOS 7 on the evasion7 release date. Due to this most of iPhone owners hesitated to jailbreak their iPhones but now I am sure that after hearing the news regarding release of Barrel for iOS 7, they will rush to download evasion7 to jailbreak their devices so they can avail this awesome jailbreak tweak.

Once installed, Barrel allow iDevices owners to customize iOS 7 homescreen by inserting gorgeous transitions between pages which will take place whenever you swipe between pages etc. Barrel for iOS 7 is developers by the same Aaron Ash and it is available in Cydia store for $2.99 under BigBoss repo.


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