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New WP8 Music App Launches For Windows Phone 8.1

Home Windows Phone 8.1 is a large total improvement over its predecessor, yet there are consistently bound to be some sentimental customers which miss the great, aged times. While no person is most likely to whine regarding the useful, new Action Center, or the stunning method of

This App Runs Apps In Split-Screen View & Switch From Sidebar

One of one of the most fascinating functions Samsung introduced with Galaxy S4 and Keep in mind 3 phones was MultiWindow Flashbar which makes it possible for making use of two applications concurrently in split sight mode. Several customers have attempted porting that attribute to various other

How To Find Out Typing Speed On Android By This App

Typing has come to be a vital part to our modern-day way of living. It’s not feasible to use most tech items readily available in the marketplace today without any sort of keying in capabilities (mobile phones, anyone?), and if you utilize your touchscreen phone or tablet