How to Add Toggle Menu to Status Bar in iOS 7

Why we jailbreak our iDevices? Well, it is because we want to play with iOS system settings and to customize the the iOS look which Apple don’t allow by default. Since iOS 7 jailbreak is now available, so its time to add some cool new features to iOS 7.


We have been reviewing cool cydia iOS 7 tweaks since the day one of iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. Today we are going to share with you a very cool cydia tweak that will allow you to add toggle menu to status bar in iOS 7. Though Apple has added Control center in iOS 7 which add access to settings like Wifi, Bluetooth etc and kills the cydia tweaks like SbSettings. But if you don’t like the Control center and want to have a toggle menu in status bar of iOS 7, then you need to try a new cydia tweak which we are going to share with you here in this post.



TouchBar is cool new jailbreak tweak that will bring a toggle bar to status bar in iOS 7. This new cool toggle bar will have options like toggles for Wifi, Do Not Disturb mode, locations services, bluetooth and torch. Once TouchBar cydia tweak is installed, users can simply access it by performing activator gesture. The toggle menu by touchbar tweak is similar to NCSettings iOS 6 cydia tweak.

TouchBar cydia tweak is available in cydia for just $0.99. If you are tired of Control center, then this tweak is must have for you if you can afford that amount.


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